Master of Chinese Modernism Art Exhibition of Zhang Guangyu will open on November 19th

Master of Chinese Modernism: Art Exhibition of Zhang Guangyu, organized by Beijing Council and Long Museum, co-hosted by Fu Ren Shuyuan will open on November 19th, 2015 at Long Museum, West Bund.

More than 300 works of Zhang Guangyu will be displayed at the art exhibition, including paintings, design scripts, drawings, caricatures, furniture and animation, such as The Journey to the West, Maliang with Magic Brush,etc. All of these makes a treasury of art and humanity, presenting the master’s art and life and the twentieth century. It is also the first public appearance of Zhang Guangyu’s complete works in Shanghai. Zhang Guangyu is the founder of modern Chinese caricature movement. He also achieves a lot in various of fields, including industrial art, publication, design, caricature and animation, art education. As one of the most significant artists and publishers in modern China, Zhang participates in lots of art activities, which is an important clue to modern Chinese culture before 1949. As a pioneer of China’s decorative painting, he represents a vital direction for Chinese modern paintings; as a pioneer of China’s modern design, he makes great achievements in industrial art and modern design; as a pioneer in China’s animation industry, he leads Chinese caricature and animation to the world. Although he completes the transition from modernism to post-modernism, his works don’t draw public interest because of changes of times and his premature death. Also because of misunderstanding and rejections towards modernism, he is unknown in modern Chinese art history.

The exhibition themed “ Chinese modernism”, on the one hand, reviews the development path of Chinese modernism from the cultural perspective, presents the great achievements of Zhang Guangyu, the icon of Chinese modernism, from the academic perspective, and reveals the greatness of the master of modernism art. On the other hand, We hope Zhang Guangyu and his time can be reinterpreted; his value, significance can be revalued through the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into 7 special subjects, reflecting Zhang’s art creation and historic status.

Master of Chinese Modernism Art Exhibition of Zhang Guangyu
Organizer: Beijing Council International Auction Company Long Museum
Co-organizer: FU REN Shuyuan
Opening:14:00November 19th, 2015
Date: November 20th - December 20th, 2015
Venue: Gallery 3 Long Museum West Bund
Address: No.3398, Longteng Avenue, Shanghai
Opening Time: 10:00 - 18:00 Tuesday - Sunday ( Stopping Admission after 17:00)

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