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            Solicitation for 10th Anniversary of Beijing Council

            Fortune comes with blooming flowers
            Harbingers begins with new work
            The Spring Auction for 10th Anniversary of Council sincerely invites you
            The 10th Anniversary of Beijing Council 2016 Spring Auction
            Peonies, Jiang Tingxi(1669 - 1732) 
            Album, Thin Silk
            Comments: 1. Collected in Qing Court. 2. Inscription by Dai Lin 43×43cm×200

            Contact us

            23F, Tower 1A, Wang jing SOHO, No.1 Futong East Avenue, ?
            Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 100102
            Tel.: +86 (10) 84400975/76/77
            Fax: +86 (10) 84400978
            E-mail: council@council.com.cn

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            • Chinese painting and calligraphy
            • China & Ceramic
            • Integrated arts and crafts
            • Modern and Contemporary Art
            • Jewelry and Luxuries
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