Beijing Council 2013 Autumn Auction Realized RMB 1.99 billion yuan

Beijing Council 2013 Autumn Auction realized 1.99 billion yuan. 24 lots were auctioned off with a price of more than 10 million yuan, 79 more than 5 million yuan, and 10 white glove sessions were also launched. Chengdao-An Important Collection of Chinese Painting and calligraphy realized 415 million yuan, which came under the spotlight of this autumn auction. Block-printed edition in the North Song dynasty- Libu Yunlue was auctioned at 29.9 million yuan after over 20 rounds of fierce pricing competition. Patrolling of Huang Zhou was auctioned at 45.425 million yuan.

Mr. Dong Guoqiang, chairman of Beijing Council, stated that the art market, after two years adjustment, has recovered from the previous recession. The market has resumed confidence, and new buyers are entering into the market. Thanks to the support of old and new collectors, this auction turns out to be very encouraging. Markets including Chinese painting and calligraphy, oil painting, sculpture, and porcelain are making an obvious positive recovering, and modern and contemporary painting and calligraphy, in particular, has reported many exciting news. Chengdao-An Important Collection of Chinese Painting and calligraphy launched by Beijing Council is also very popular among the market and collectors, and has achieved turnover of 415 million yuan. Beijing Council will continue to stick to the basic principle of value pursuit, and fully explore the cultural significance of the lots, and will strive to provide professional and excellent service for collectors and clients.

Chengdao-An Important Collection of Chinese Painting and calligraphy takes the lead of the autumn auction with 415 million yuan. Representative works by modern and contemporary artists including Xu Gu, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran, Lin Fengmian, Lu Yanshao, Huang Zhou made outstanding performance in the auction.  

Patrolling by Huang Zhou
Final Price: 45.425 million yuan


Block-printed edition in the North Song dynasty- Libu Yunlue Auctioned at 29.9 million Yuan
A very important lot in this autumn auction Libu Yunlue was auctioned at 29.9million yuan(including commission) . Libu Yunlue was block-printed between the year of Jing You (1037) and  year of Zhiping(1067)in the north Song dynasty. It not only is from an earlier period than the copy collected in Zhenfusi Temple in Japan, its two sections on the falling tone and entering tone were also kept integral, and is regarded as a compliment of the copy kept in Zhen Fusi Temple. It has important academic, literature and cultural value.

Libu Yunlue blocked printed in the North Song Dynasty
Final Price 29.9 million Yuan

Ancient Painting and Calligraphy Achieved 277 million yuan

Chinese painting and calligraphy fan art in the Ming Dynasty kept by Jia Shutang was especially popular among the collectors, and made a turnover of 25.96 million yuan. The session on ancient painting made a turnover of 152 million yuan. Nanxi Gaoyi by Wang Nian collected by Pang Laichen, in particular, is auctioned at 40.25 million yuan. Masters of Chinese painting and calligraphy such as Dong Qichang, Fu Shan, etc, made a steady market performance, and achieved turnover of 99.0541 million yuan.

Wang Nian Nanxi Gaoyi Final price: 40.25 million yuan

Cursive Writing Poem by Emperor Qianlong

Final price: 16.1 million yuan


Private collection session achieved 376 million yuan, achieving multiple white glove sessions

The private collections specially launched in this autumn include works by almost all painting elites, and achieved 476 million yuan. Sessions including Haitang Jingshe, Yunqi Shanfang, Bitter-Sweet Room, Xiyin Shanfang, Jiaoye Caotang and other five sessions achieved white gloves performance.


Morning Glow by Pan Tianshou
Final Price: 20.7million yuan

‘Generation of Happiness’ by Huang Zhou
Final price 40.25 million yuan

Modern and contemporary painting and calligraphy I and II achieved 21.8 billion yuan, and Meditation on the Rthym of Painting-Special session on Lu Chen and Zhou Sicong’ was especially popular. Works by Qian Huafo and special collection of Thousands Buddha Temple also attracted the market’s attention. Price offer competition was rather fierce, and achieved 59.18 million yuan in total, amounting to 100% turnover rate. Ink over 100 years-Famous Works of Calligraphy in the 20th century presents works by celebrities of the Republic of China and literary society, and achieved 44.9267 million yuan in total. Contemporary works of painting and calligraphy realized 79.413 million yuan in total.


Porcelain and Other Works of Art Achieved 206 million yuan
Porcelain and jade artifacts, golden bronze statue is very attractive. Porcelain and jade artifacts session includes porcelain, jade, bamboo sculpture, bronze ware, etc, achieving 73.654 million yuan in total. Purification of Mind-Tea and Fragrance Utensils achieved 13.35 million yuan. The golden bottle with Taotie pattern was auctioned off at 1.495 million yuan, becoming the lot with the highest price. Fubao Fortune golden bronze Buddha statue session achieved 37.1 million yuan.

Golden Bronze Jinggang Sachui Buddha in the Ming dynasty
Final price 8.625 million yuan


Oil painting and Sculpture Achieved 130 million yuan; Gu Wenda’s Work Achieved Personal High 
The three sessions on oil painting and sculpture achieved 130 million yuan. Dramatic Effect of the Combination of Two Art Forms B1-B3 by Gu Wenda in 1985 is auctioned with a starting price of 2.5 million yuan, and achieved a final price of 14.95 million yuan after several dozens of fierce offering competition, achieving a record high for the artist. Besides the oil painting session achieved 20.03 million yuan. Shanghai Port by artist Guan Liang achieved the highest price of 4.255 million yuan.

Dramatic Effect of the Combination of Two Art Forms B1-B3 by Gu Wenda
Final Price: 14.95 million yuan

Modern and contemporary porcelain and porcelain in the Republic of China kept by private collectors achieved 62.58 million yuan in total. Porcelain in the Republic of China kept by private collectors consistently achieved high prices, and modern and contemporary porcelain made excellent performance. National stone seal cutting made 11.192 million yuan. Shoushan Tian yellow stone Luyan Goose decorative piece is superb in combining beautiful stones with refined sculpture, and achieved a price of 1.817 million yuan. Modern and contemporary purple clay bottle session made 47.0764 million yuan. Xiaoying Bottle by Gu Jingzhou, master of purple clay, created in the 1960s, is refined in its form. It achieved the price of 4.44275 million yuan,becoming champion of this session.

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