Beijing Council was awarded “The Academic Auction Company of the Year”

Toplist of Art Market in Beijing Auction Season and Press Conference on Blueprint for Auction of 2015, organized by Beijing Association of Auctioneers and Beijing Business Today, kicked off in Capital Museum of Beijing on January 18th, 2015. Beijing Council won three awards which are the Academic Auction Company of the Year, the Academic Auction Session of the Year (Chang Huai- Fine Chinese Calligraphy)and the Auction Figure of the Year(Dong Guoqiang).

Live on Award Ceremony
The activity reviewed all events which happened in Beijing auction industry of 2015 on the occasion of 2015 Beijing Auction Season, for the purpose of forming a cohesive force of Beijing auction as well as extending the influence of the auction industry in Beijing or even China by means of the annual recommendation of Beijing auction season.

Forum for Distinguished Guests
The activity also held an artistic forum on the theme of “ Difficulties and Transition of Auction Market”. Mr. Dong Guoqiang, the chairman of Beijing Council was invited to attend the discussion. He said that “market can’t operate at a higher speed forever, so the current adjustment is the reflection of market rule. The market is just relatively favorable, and the auction needs to achieve more breakthroughs to shape the future transition.

The Prize List of Beijing Council in “Toplist of Art Market in Beijing Auction Season”

The Academic Auction Company of the Year
Beijing Council, on the basis of rigorous attitude and professional knowledge, not only sets its own academic benchmark for artwork collection, but also elaborates special sessions featuring unique auction items from the perspective of history of art and academics. Beijing Council has succeeded in holding a series of auctions, which draw the attention from the academic circle and the public.

The Academic Auction Session of the Year
“Chang Huai - Fine Classic Calligraphy”was launched in Beijing Council 2014 Spring Auction for the first time. From the perspective of calligraphy history and academic research, this session provides collectors with the most comprehensive collection choice. In 2015, the session achieved 223 million yuan,becoming another brand in market and academic circle with much attention.

The Auction Figure of the Year
As the chairman of Beijing Council, Mr. Dong Guoqiang, on the ground of business philosophy featuring exploring cultural value, both forges a culture brand of Council and promotes the development of Council towards academics and culture.

Group Photo of Medals
2015 Toplist of Art Market in Beijing Auction Season and Press Conference on Blueprint for Auction
Organizers: Beijing Business Today Beijing Association of Auctioneers
Special Guidance Department: China Association of Auctioneers China Association of Collectors
The Association of China Economic Press
Guidance Department: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Special Supporter:Capital Museum

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