Council 2017 Early Spring Auction reached a total amount of 174 million RMB

On the evening of the 30th of March 2017, Council 2017 Early Spring Auction reached a total amount of 174 million RMB. The high quality service was a main element of the success of this auction. The“Space on eight square feet”session won the record of this auction, reaching an amount of 63.69 million RMB, attracting a lot of collectors and having a turnover of 98.18 %. The LANDSCAPE by Huang Binhong was sold for 5.75 million RMB, winning the record of this auction.The two following sessions “Ge Shang, The high quality of Chinese paintings and calligraphy”(totalizing 67.67 million RMB)and“Appreciation for ancient writing reliable texts of rubbing collection of Linlang Ge”(2.918 million RMB) have a“white glove”result, as every art piece have been sold.



Lot 0228, Huang Binhong (1865 - 1955), LANDSCAPE

Ink and color paper, mouted, 137 x 68 cm

RMB 5,750,000

Lot 0239 Chen Shaomei (1909 - 1954), FIGURE


Ink and color on paper, hanging scroll, 1940, 132 x 68 cm

RMB 3,220,000


« Ge Shang, the high quality Chinese paintings and calligraphy » followed the way of previous auctions made about the same thematic, there were 46 lots in the session which totalized a 26.7 million RMB final amount. The modern painting part of this session dealt with the work of Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong and other great modern painting masters, who are all very esteemed by the experts. The Zhang Daqian SEEKING SERENITY IN AUTUMN MOUNTAIN painting reached a price of 1.84 million RMB and the Huang Binhong LANDSCAPE a price of 1.67 million RMB.

Lot 0293, Zhang Daqian (1899 ? 1983), OLD TREE FOR LONGEVITY

Hanging scroll, paper, 183 x 93 cm

RMB 1,840,000

Lot 0306, Huang Binhong, LANDSCAPE,

Hanging scroll, paper, 110 x 39 cm

RMB 1,667,500

The two sessions of “Fine Chinese paintings and calligraphy” totalized an amount of 33.40 million RMB, the first session having a result of 22.289 million RMB, the second one a result of 11.106 million RMB. The Zhao Wangyun's LANDSCAPE was sold for 1.437 million RMB.

Lot 0409, Zhao Wangyun (1906 ? 1977), LANDSCAPE,

Hanging scroll, ink and colour paper, 1947, 107.5 x 39.5 cm,

RMB 1,437,500

The heritage coming from the past inscription on the rocks tablets has a deep influence on the Chinese culture. From the rubbing of these rocks we can still be aware of this heritage, having precious informations about the history of the past Imperial dynasties, understanding their customs and practices. That constitutes a very valuable material. This “white glove” session gathered more than 100 lots. This session totalized an amount of 2.917 million RMB. A COMPILATION OF RUBBINGS FROM TANG DYNASTY reached an amount of 115 000 RMB, another from Beiwei dynasty was sold for the same price.


Album leaf, paper, 24 x 13 cm x 110,

RMB 115,000

The “Meeting through handwriting ? letters from friends of Lubi” is one of the main session of this Early Spring Auction, it was a “white glove” session, gathering 110 lots which have all been sold, totalizing a result of 6.767 million RMB, including fees. Those letters were sent between Lubi and different scholars and artists, Liang Qichao, Luo Zhenyu, Wu Mi, Qian Zhongshu, Yang, Qian Jibo, Lv Bicheng, Xun Huisheng, Pu Ru : that represents 160 letters. They have an high historical and calligraphic value. His correspondence took place during almost 100 years, between the Hundred Days Reforms and the Cultural Revolution. It deals with many different historical people and events, so that it creates its prominent historical value. Two letters from Qian Zhongshu were sold for 356 500 RMB, far higher than their estimation. Another letter of 2 pages from Lv Bicheng was sold for 345 000 RMB. A Wu Mi's letter also reached the amount of 345 000 RMB.

Lot 1177, Qian Zhongshu (1910 ? 1998), A LETTER OF THREE PAGES

Mounted and framed, paper, 25 x 18.5 cm x 3

RMB 529,000

Lot 1182, Lv Bicheng (1883 ? 1943), A LETTER OF TWO PAGES

Mouted and framed, paper, 24 x 12.5 cm

RMB 345,000

The session “Calligraphy within a century ? 20th century ? Chinese calligraphy” gathered different pieces from artists, scholars, politicians that all deal with modern and contemporary China. The total amount of this sale was 3.149 million RMB. The CALLIGRAPHY IN RUNNING SCRIPT by Pu Ru (1896 ? 1963) reached a price of 287 500 RMB.


Lot 1310, Pu Ru (1896 ? 1963), CALLIGRAPHY IN RUNNING SCRIPT,

Hanging scroll, paper, 131 x 33 cm x 4

RMB 287,500

The « Full of interest » session gathered 198 lots including old classical furnitures, calligraphy pieces, jade pieces, pieces of porcelain and folding fans. The total amount of this sale was 17.626 million RMB.


Lot 1401, Zhang Daqian & Xie Zhiliu, LANDSCAPE AND CALLIGRAPHY,

Folding fan, ink and color on paper, 1947, 19 x 51 cm

RMB 920,000

The “Fine classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy” session is a traditional session of our auction house, it gathered 223 lots with a total result of 16.285 millions RMB. The main art piece consisted in old pages of Sutra that belong to Tang dynasty, with their magnificent calligraphy. The bids for one of this page began at 15 000 RMB before reaching 2.645 millions RMB. Another Sutra from the 8th Century also reached an high price of 1.04 million RMB.


Mounted and framed, paper, 26 x 305 cm

RMB 2,645,000


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